Phillies suggested as a blockbuster trade destination for Astros All-Star outfielder

Will the Astros eventually consider trading Kyle Tucker before he becomes a big-time free agent in 2026?

The Houston Astros might consider trading Kyle Tucker before he becomes a free agent in 2026
The Houston Astros might consider trading Kyle Tucker before he becomes a free agent in 2026 / Bob Levey/GettyImages

A proposed blockbuster trade idea between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies, suggested by FanSided's Zachary Rotman, sees one of the Astros’ star players heading to Philly. The player of interest happens to be rising outfield phenom Kyle Tucker.

Tucker is on a one-year contract worth $12 million this year and is arbitration-eligible in 2025 before he hits free agency. Rotman suggests the Astros might eventually consider trading Tuckers and that he would be an ideal target for the Phillies.

After all, Tucker has been producing at an elite level over the past three seasons, averaging close to 30 home runs, 100 RBI, and displaying some speed with double-digit stolen bases each season. He has been an All-Star twice and captured a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove Award for good measure — showing he can do it all. In 2023, Tucker posted career-highs in runs scored with 97, RBI with 112, stolen bases with 30, walks with 80, and an on-base percentage of .369.

Trading for Kyle Tucker would require big prospects going the other way

In return for the budding superstar, it was suggested that the Phillies will need to give up one or more of their top prospects, ranging from Mick Abel to Justin Crawford to Aidan Miller. All three are among the top five prospects in the organization and in the top 100, according to MLB Pipeline.

And, of course, with Abel being the Phillies' No. 2 prospect and No. 49 in MLB, any possible deal will most likely need to be built around him. He's on the cusp of making the major leagues after putting up solid numbers across two minor league levels with a 4.13 ERA and 1.26 WHIP, with 132 strikeouts in just 113 1/3 innings over 23 starts.

With the Phillies aiming to be perennial contenders and hope to build a dynasty, adding Tucker to their All-Star lineup makes too much sense for the ballclub. It's rare to find a young, rapidly improving player entering their prime who could contribute significantly in all aspects of the game. So, for a player like Tucker, it is certainly worth the sacrificial investment of giving up a top prospect or two, especially if a contract extension can be secured to ensure he will be here for the long haul.

Rotman outlines why the Phillies would be in a position to sign Tucker when other, aging stars will be coming off the books.

"By the time the Phillies would have to give big money to Tucker, players like J.T. Realmuto and Kyle Schwarber will be off their books," Rotman explains. "So they should have the funds and the desire to ink something long-term with one of the best outfielders in the game."

Tucker might be the star player the Astros have to let go

The main obstacle is that the Astros have had quite some success of their own. They've made the playoffs for seven consecutive seasons, including winning it all in 2017 and 2022. Even with Tucker on the verge of looking for big-time money for the 2026 season, they may attempt to do all they can to keep him to give the team the best chances to continue their winning and build their own dynasty.

Even so, Rotman explains Houston's situation, and why Tucker might eventually be on the move.

"The Astros have several key contributors approaching free agency this offseason or next," Rotman writes. "And with Kyle Tucker likely fetching the most money of all of them, he could be a trade target to watch."

So, who says no if you are the Phillies? But the fate of Tucker could more be in the hands of what the Astros’ ultimate plans are in the near future. For the Phillies' sake, hopefully his demands are way beyond what the Astros want to pay so the Phillies can start to build the next star-studded lineup.

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