Phillies have a 'big and bold dream' for South Philadelphia Sports Complex development

John Middleton and the Phillies have big plans for a world-class sports and entertainment district around Citizens Bank Park.
Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies
Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Philadelphia Phillies fans often have pre-game rituals when they attend games at Citizens Bank Park. Some like to get there early and tailgate in the parking lots. Some arrive early to get their food and drink on across the street at the multi-purpose venue Xfinity Live! or meet up at another South Philidelphia hot spot. All are great options.

However, according to a recent press release from the Phillies that should get fans excited, more options will be coming to the Philadelphia Sports Complex in the near future.

The press release reveals a two-phase plan for a major land redevelopment surrounding Citizens Bank Park, Wells Fargo Center, and Lincoln Financial Field. The details of the project are outlined in depth in the press release, with phase one of the development scheduled to get underway early this spring. But phase two is the part of the development that Phillies fans should take note of.

The project's second phase is a collaboration between the Phillies and Comcast Spectator, with a vision to add new hotels and entertainment options to the game-day experience. The first rendering released by the Phillies details just how transformative the project will be for a sports complex area that currently features undeveloped land and a vast network of parking lots.

“John Middleton and the Phillies share a big and bold dream for what the future could look like for Philadelphia," said Dan Hilferty, chairman and CEO of Comcast Spectacor.

Phase two will have a greater impact on the area around Citizens Bank Park

While this project will surely thrill Phillies fans who use ride-sharing apps as their primary transportation to and from games, fans who rely on the paid parking lots surrounding CBP will probably not like how the team's plans will affect some of the existing parking. Below is an excerpt of the press release that details the impact of the project closest to the ballpark.

"Phase two will involve additional development around the Wells Fargo Center and will expand north of Pattison Avenue to lots currently controlled by the Phillies from Broad Street to Citizens Bank Park. The concept for this phase envisions another hotel, residential units, more retail, restaurants, office space and significant green space."

The reclamation of the area's parking lots for this project will likely spark some anger among Phillies fans who commute from well outside the city to attend a game. While little is known about how many spaces will be impacted by the project, the press release also included further details of how the space could be used.

"It [phase two] also will include a dedicated 'Phillies Plaza' adjacent to Citizens Bank Park that will provide gathering spaces and immersive experiences for fans. The two companies will be partnering to seek approvals and the necessary development rights from the City of Philadelphia for phase two and will work closely with the local community as plans progress."

With phase one of the project slated to be completed by 2028, the second phase won't impact Phillies fans until the end of the decade. The new development will likely be finished at the start of the next decade. It's worth keeping an eye on, as new details are certain to emerge as the project gets underway.

Far less controversial than some of the new arena plans ongoing between the Philadelphia 76ers, neighborhood groups, and the City of Philadelphia, much of this project shouldn't have much trouble getting the green light as the Phillies already own all the land slated for redevelopment. Stay tuned.