5 most hated Phillies players of all time

While plenty of players are remembered fondly by Phillies fans, some are hated and despised and may be forever. Who are the most hated players in the organization's history?

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No. 2: Billy Wagner

The acquisition of Billy Wagner came with a lot of expectations. The Phillies were looking to break their long postseason drought, and the left-handed closer was in the prime of his career. However, his candid criticisms of the organization and the fans led to his exit from the ball club via free agency after two seasons with Philadelphia.

Before his trade to Philly, Wagner criticized the front office of the Houston Astros following their loss in the 2003 World Series. Toward the end of the Phillies 2005 season, the closer said the team did not have a chance of making the playoffs despite being in the mix for a postseason spot.

Wagner would sign with one of the Phillies' division rivals, the New York Mets, in free agency following the 2005 season. This decision added to the collective hatred from Philly fans. Years later, the reliever admitted to his mistakes during his time in Philadelphia.

No. 1: J.D. Drew

J.D. Drew was always a villain to Phillies fans. He and his agent, Scott Boras, had hefty demands about his salary. The outfielder wanted a salary of $10 million, an absurd amount of money for a player who had never played in a Major League Baseball game before.

Despite Drew and Boras' insistence on the financial demands they wanted to be met, the Phillies selected him second overall in the 1997 MLB Draft. Philadelphia had no intention of paying him that large sum of money but selected him nonetheless.

Drew chose to play for an independent baseball league and then re-entered the MLB Draft in 1998. The Cardinals selected him in the first round. The right fielder's first game in Philadelphia took place on Aug. 10, 1999. The Phillies fans booed him, and some unnecessarily threw batteries at him.

Drew never lived up to the billing of being a top player. Whether it be a lack of productivity or injuries, the outfielder had some good seasons but is not considered elite. No matter how good of a player he turned out to be, he remains one of the most despised athletes among Phillies fans.