The 5 most mesmerizing skills we can't wait to see from the Phillies in 2024

This Phillies team is full of incredibly talented players, but a handful of skills stand out above the rest. Here are the five most mesmerizing skills we're looking forward to watching in 2024.
Kyle Schwarber, Philadelphia Phillies
Kyle Schwarber, Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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We can't wait to see Bryson Stott’s golden glove

When Bryson Stott came up to the big leagues, he wasn’t necessarily known for his glove at second base. In fact, he was a shortstop when he came up and played 83 games there his rookie year. But when the Phillies signed Trea Turner, he willingly moved to second base and immediately impressed.

In his first full season, Stott was a Gold Glove finalist, and some say he should have won the award. In 602 total chances, he ended the season with just five errors and a .992 fielding percentage. He had a defensive runs saved above average (rDRS) of six, and according to ESPN, he ranked fifth for qualified second baseman with a 1.2 dWAR.

The eye test may do even more justice to Stott and his defensive prowess. Seemingly every game, he makes an extraordinary play look like a run-of-the-mill typical play. His range at second base is vast, constantly making plays that take him out to right field. It’s astonishing to think that he has just one full year playing second base at the big league level.

As he gets even more comfortable at the position and with his infield partners, the quality of his defense and the team as a collective will improve. In his first year with Turner at shortstop and a learning Bryce Harper at first base, Stott was the league leader with 109 double plays, 16 more than second place. It will be fun to watch him evolve into a perennial Gold Glove second baseman.