Phillies 2023 Draft Picks Signing Tracker: Signing bonus, signing deadline

Lets take a look at who the Phillies have signed from their 2023 draft class.
Aug 28, 2022; Phoenix, Arizona, US; East infielder Aidan Miller (16) during the Perfect Game
Aug 28, 2022; Phoenix, Arizona, US; East infielder Aidan Miller (16) during the Perfect Game / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the second half of the 2023 season under way, the Philadelphia Phillies still have some work to do to tie up the 2023 MLB Draft. Over the next week and a half or so, the Phillies have to get all of their draft picks signed before we get to see them in action in the minor leagues.

Philadelphia has a bonus pool of just $5,185,500, the Phillies do not have much room for error. They lost their second and fifth round picks in the draft after signing qualified free agents which took a toll on their bonus pool. Moreover, they HAVE to sign all of their picks from rounds 1-10 if they want to be able to afford their top draft pick, Aidan Miller. There are no early indications that that will be an issue, but Miller being a prep bat does give him some leverage.

Here are the Phillies 2023 draft picks that have signed and for how much

In the section below, you will find all the players the Philadelphia Phillies drafted this year along with notes on whether it is known if they have signed and, as information becomes available, how much they signed for. This information is generally a slow trickle leading up to the signing deadline on July 25th, but the plan is to keep this list updated as that information becomes available. Also, the numbers next to the player's name references the round he was picked in which is why you see #2 and #5 skipped.

1. Aidan Miller, SS, J.W. Mitchell HS - Signed: $3.1 million (Slot value: $2,968,800)

3. Devin Saltiban, SS, Hilo HS - Signed: $602,500 (Slot value: $685,100)

4. TayShaun Walton, OF, IMG Academy - Signed: $499,100 (Slot value: $501,600)

6. George Klassen, RHP, Minnesota - Signed: $297,500 (Slot value: $282,900)

7. Jake Eddington, RHP, Missouri State - Signed: $225,000 (Slot value: $222,900)

8. Bryson Ware, 3B, Auburn - Signed: $152,500 (Slot value: $187,100)

9. Avery Owusu-Asiedu, OF, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - Signed: $147,500 (Slot value: $172,700)

10. Cam Brown, RHP, TCU - Signed: $154,500 (Slot value: $164,400)

11. Kehden Hettiger, C, Sierra Canyon HS - Signed: $397,500

12. Brandon Breckel, RHP, Texas Tech - Unsigned

13. Maty Gair, RHP, Florida SouthWestern State - Signed: $150,000

14. Zach Arnold, SS, Houston - Signed: $150,000

15. Jared Thomas, C, Loyola Marymount - Signed: $100,000

16. Luke Russo, RHP, Eastern Michigan - Signed: $100,000

17. A.J. Shaver, OF, Florida SouthWestern State - Signed: $150,000

18. Ethan Chenault, RHP, UNC Wilmington - Signed: $125,000

19. Casey Steward, RHP, Washburn - Signed: $150,000

20. Pierce Bennett, 2B, Wake Forest - Unsigned