Nick and Liam Castellanos give us the best Phillies spring training highlight so far

The Castellanos father-son duo has given us yet another hilarious and heartwarming highlight.

Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos
Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to spring training, there can be a ton of surprises and unexpected moments that pop up as the players work hard to get ready for the upcoming MLB season. Sometimes, those eye-catching moments go beyond the plays in the field or the performances at the plate.

The Philadelphia Phillies managed to create one of the top early spring training highlights courtesy of star outfielder Nick Castellanos with a helping hand from a nonchalant batboy.

During the March 2 Grapefruit League game between the Phillies and the Minnesota Twins, Castellanos blasted his first home run of the spring in the second inning. In doing so, an unforgettable moment for the ages took place:

Castellanos rounded the bases and exuberantly reached home plate. But apparently, somebody forgot to do their job, as Castellanos’ bat was still lying in the dirt waiting to be picked up. Castellanos kindly mocked the batboy and gave him a hard time in the process.

Lo and behold, the batboy of the day turned out to be none other than Nick’s wonderful son, Liam, who was so focused on admiring his dad’s home run that he completely forgot to fulfill his duties. Jokes aside, that’s how to show some great father-son love, creating a memorable moment for everyone to cherish and relive to kickstart an exciting season ahead for the Phillies.

The Castellanos' have stolen the spotlight before

This isn't the first time the Castellanos father-son combo has captured the hearts of the Phillies faithful with their on-field performance, as documented by The Philadelphia Inquirer's Matt Ryan (subscription required). In fact, the duo's interactions have been a big part of the Phillies organization for the past couple of seasons, with Liam often present at the ballpark to cheer on his dad.

Most notably, just last year during the Phillies’ playoff run, a much more enthusiastic and energetic Liam was on hand once again to show his emphatic love during one of his dad's big home runs against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS.

But getting back to the older Castellanos, that first home run aside, he has been off to a rough start so far this spring with just two hits and four strikeouts in 13 at-bats. Hopefully, the presence of his son can help jumpstart the two-time All-Star into a big year for the Phillies and help lead them to the World Series.

And when it does happen, we all know who will be right in the middle of all the celebrations.