Mets broadcast's embarrassing take ages horribly after another Phillies win

Keith Hernandez's take on the Phillies doesn't look so good, again, after a sloppy Mets loss.
Keith Hernandez stirring the pot within the division.
Keith Hernandez stirring the pot within the division. / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets doesn't need any kind of fancy red-carpet show to get the fans excited to slug it out within the NL East. Mets broadcaster and former player, Keith Hernandez (subscription required) had his own take on the Phillies rivalry during a broadcast back in August of 2022.

"As far as fundamentally and defensively, the Phillies have always been just not up to it," Keith Hernandez infamously said on that Mets broadcast.

The quote naturally went viral and was met with heavy scrutiny by the Philly fanbase. Hernandez thought it was put to bed once the Mets went on to win 101 games later that year. Little did he know, it was only the beginning of this saga as the Phillies took on the Mets yet again on Wednesday night after two straight wins in Queens.

The Mets took the early 1-0 lead against Ranger Suárez with an unearned run due to a dropped ball by Johan Rojas followed by a double to score Brandon Nimmo. Luckily, Bryce Harper wasted no time in answering the call.

The game was tied one apiece going into the bottom of the fifth when sloppy play by the Mets cost them the lead and they found themselves in a massive hole. The Phillies went on to cruise to a 10-5 win.

Sloppy play was abundant on both sides. The difference was that the Phillies overcame the blunders. The Mets simply could not. To go along with their subpar pitching, it was too much and only added to their disappointing season.

They currently sit in fourth place in the NL East at 19-23. The Philadelphia Phillies on the bright side, are sitting pretty in first place at 31-13 and 11 games up on the New York rivals. It's the best franchise start in the first 44 games since 1976.

Since that quote by Hernandez, the Phillies have taken it personally and have seemingly played with a chip on their shoulder with a combined record of 147-112 (.567 winning percentage), while the Mets have a 123-132 (.482 winning percentage). Quite a lack of feel and premonition from the Mets' broadcaster. Maybe next time, they'll think twice before calling this team dead as the Phillies look to complete a home-home four-game sweep Thursday night.