Merrill Kelly stupidly issues challenge to Phillies fans before Game 2 of the NLCS

For some reason, Diamondbacks Game 2 starter Merrill Kelly can't read the room and says he doesn't think Citizens Bank Park will be as loud as the WBC. Philly fans, unite!

Merrill Kelly, Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies NLCS Game 2
Merrill Kelly, Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies NLCS Game 2 / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The fans at Citizens Bank Park are known for the crazy atmosphere they've created over the last two Philadelphia Phillies playoff runs. And it was no different last night while the Phillies were taking care of business in their 5-3 Game 1 win.

Arizona Diamondbacks Game 2 starter Merrill Kelly obviously hasn't been paying attention to the headlines about The Bank this postseason.

Despite having his foot firmly lodged in his mouth during his pregame press conference today, Kelly was able to give Philly fans plenty of ammunition to fire them up before tonight's game. As if they need any more incentive to bring the crazy.

"I haven't obviously heard this place [CBP] on the field," Kelly said. "But I'd be very surprised if it trumped that Venezuela game down in Miami."

The WBC game he's referring to is the USA-Venezuela quarterfinal game that the United States won 9-7 in front of a packed house at loanDepot park.

As Kyle Pagan of Crossing Broad points out, Kelly didn't even pitch in that game. The right-hander also may have miscalculated who the fans in Philadelphia will be rooting for when the two teams take the field tonight. The WBC crowd was mostly cheering for his USA teammates. Tonight, Kelly will be lucky to even spot a solitary Diamondbacks supporter amidst the throngs of Phillies Phanatics.

And it's not like Kelly's an experienced postseason warrior who has seen it all or pitched in pressure-packed situations like The Bank during the NLCS. He has all of one start on his playoff resume, from this year's NLDS, despite being a 35-year-old veteran.

Crazy Citizens Bank Park comes up big for the Phillies again

Maybe Kelly was too busy thinking of wildly ridiculous things to say in today's presser even to notice what Citizens Bank Park sounded like last night. The decibel reading reached 111 dB and hovered around 100 dB for most of the game.

We'll see how the Philly crowd reacts tonight, but there's a good chance Kelly may end up regretting his absurd statement.