This reel Of John Kruk giving Phillies clubhouse tour provides major nostalgia

John Kruk of the Philadelphia Phillies
John Kruk of the Philadelphia Phillies / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

The Phillies' 2023 season will mark exactly three decades since their unexpected 1993 World Series run.

We all love the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies. How could you not? The loveable bunch of throwbacks stole the hearts of Philadelphia fans now 30 years ago during an improbable World Series run — much like the 2022 team.

So, when Morning Blitz, a daily sports newsletter, posted this Reel of John Kruk giving a guided tour of the Phillies clubhouse, we had to check it out. Kruk led us into the training room where he and a few players hung out until the early hours of the morning.

What did they do? Well, it's the 1993 Phillies. So, what do you think they did? Some drank, others ate watermelon wrapped in towels while spitting out seeds and chewing tobacco. Other players lifted weights, even after playing all night. This left Kruk bewildered who thought the time would be better suited for rest.

A longer version of the video on YouTube includes Kruk describing one corner of the clubhouse — tucked away from everyone else — as "Macho Row." This section included Kruk, Lenny Dykstra, Mitch Williams, Darren Daulton, Todd Pratt, and Mariano Duncan.

Now, the video is likely from 2003 — according to a Reddit user — and not actually during the 1993 season, given the players' names above the lockers. Instead, Kruk is our guide for his own "trip down memory lane."

As Phillies fans today, we have the luxury of having Kruk and Larry Andersen as part of the broadcast team. We get to hear these great stories of a Phillies era gone by.

While we head into another Phillies season in a few weeks, we have these memories and those from 2022 to build on. And if that's not enough for you with the 1993 team, there's always the High Hopes video yearbook on the Phillies Classic TV YouTube channel to enjoy. Go Phillies!