The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Phillies' projected 2027 lineup and rotation

With the Phillies loaded with some top prospects in their system, what could their starting lineup and rotation look like in 2027?
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The bad 

Apparently, they have Realmuto remaining in the starting catcher position despite entering the 2027 season at age 36. That could be a worrisome scenario as we have already witnessed somewhat of a regression in Realmuto’s defensive game this past season with the Phillies.

In 2023, base stealers had an extraordinary 78 percent success rate off of Realmuto, as they ended up swiping a total of 81 bases over his 130 starts behind the plate. In addition, he had a DRS of -4, representing his lowest number since he registered a -13 back in 2016 prior to his Gold Glove years.

As much as Realmuto’s offense could hold up over the years, if his defense continues to go on a downward spiral, he is better fitted as the team’s DH in his twilight years rather than seeing primary starts behind the plate. Especially when 2027 rolls around, it will be his 14th season in the league. By then, the wear and tear of close to 1,500 starts may finally catch up to him.

In addition, with the departures of Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos, and Alec Bohm from the current lineup and being replaced by the likes of Rincones Jr., Rojas, Crawford, and Aidan Miller, the Phillies would essentially convert from a power-hitting team to one that focuses mainly on speed and defense.

How much success they will have with that is yet to be determined, but with the substantial decrease in power and run production, the team could find themselves struggling to score and playing in more tight games.

The ugly

The one obvious alarming observation is the fact that Darick Hall is predicted to be the Phillies’ starting DH in 2027. If that indeed happens and he's the best possible solution the Phillies could have at that time, they will be in serious trouble.

Despite being a fearsome power hitter throughout his tenure in the minor leagues, Hall has yet to break through with the Phillies at the major league level. In his brief stints with the ballclub the past couple of seasons, he has amassed a feeble .226 batting average but has supplemented it with surprising power production with nine doubles, 10 home runs and 19 RBI in 59 games.

However, his horrendous plate discipline, with a strikeout-to-walk ratio of close to 9:1, is quite worrisome. He'll likely end up becoming an all-or-nothing hitter, either getting the big hit or striking out badly. With his consistency in doubt, we have even previously suggested he would be a prime candidate to trade away this offseason. Having Hall as part of the Phillies' everyday lineup in 2027 won’t help them win too many ballgames, as it may come down more to luck than his abilities in the end if he doesn’t make the right adjustments in his plate approach.

Overall, the projected lineup and rotation look decent, but the Phillies may need to make some slight adjustments using external means if they start finding their lack of power hindering the team. Otherwise, they should be an exciting team to watch with the perfect mix of young and upcoming players with solid, proven veterans.

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