Former Phillies closer doesn't hold back, rips ex-GM Ruben Amaro Jr. in resurfaced clip

Jonathan Papelbon didn't hold back on his memories of his time as a Phillie on the Foul Territory podcast in October.
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Outspoken former Philadelphia Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon was a recent guest on the Foul Territory podcast, and while he didn't go into much about the Phillies during his appearance this time around, a clip from his late-2023 interview on the show has been making the rounds again.

During his appearance back in October, Papelbon held nothing back during his interview when the topic turned to his time in Philadelphia.

The Phillies all-time leader in saves (123) was a two-time All-Star during his time in red and white pinstripes, but Paplebon's four-season tenure in Philadelphia will be remembered more for his contentious relationship with media members and grabbing his crotch walking off the mound after blowing a save at Citizens Bank Park.

Papelbon speaks on playing for a Phillies team that declined soon after he signed

"When I got to the Phillies, at first Ruben Amaro was like 'Yeah man, we're going to win two more championships,'" Papelbon said. "I'm looking at them, like the Utleys and the Jimmy Rollins, and I'm like, 'Man, dude, on TV these guys look like grinders,' but I get there and it's like [expletive]."

"Utley's only playing 40 games, he's hurt," Papelbon continued. "Jimmy's getting into it with [manager] Ryne Sandberg because Sandberg wants him to show up at [expletive] noon, and he shows up five minutes before the stretch."

On Ruben Amaro Jr.'s failures as GM

"[expletive] hit the fan real quick, man," added Papelbon. "Ruben Amaro got the keys to a Porsche and went out and wrecked it, in my opinion."

Speaking to Foul Territoy co-host and former Phillies teammate and catcher Eric Kratz, Papelbon doubled down on a team that had a strong rotation.

"Kratzy [Kratz], you caught all of us bro," said Papelbon. "We had Cliff Lee, [Cole] Hamels, [Roy] Halliday. Bro? How did we not win? That's what frustrated me so much, is I felt like that energy wasn't there like it used to be."

Does Papelbon think he had a successful run with the Phillies?

When asked by Kratz if he thought his time in Philadelphia was successful, Papelbon offered up some personal accolades as proof that he had a good run in a Phillies uniform.

"I was very surprised that the [two] years I made the All-Star team, I was the only member of the team from the Phillies," responded Papelbon. "I think it was, and I say that Ruben Amaro screwed it all up, but at the same time, we did have a lot of injuries."

And on the infamous crotch-grabbing incident?

Papelbon also didn't apologize for his infamous crotch grab in 2014 that led to an ejection and a seven-game suspension by the league for making contact with umpire Joe West (who was also suspended for one game).

"I think I converted 28 saves in a row one year," remembered Papelbon. "I blew one, and the Phillies [fans] booed me off the field, so I grabbed my [crotch], like [expletive] you guys."

Knowing Papelbon, he'd probably do it all over again.

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