Former GM proposes wild Phillies-Padres trade involving Nick Castellanos

Would the Phillies move Castellanos for a Padres star outfielder?
Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos
Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

We're still three months away from the MLB trade deadline, but there's already talk on MLB Network about possible trade scenarios involving the Philadelphia Phillies. The proposal in question includes Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos, who has had a well-documented glacial-like start to the season.

But Castellanos isn't the centerpiece of a proposed deal with the San Diego Padres. That honor goes to superstar outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr.

Former Colorado Rockies general manager and current MLB Network contributor Dan O'Dowd suggested that if Tatis were to be made available on the trade block, at least seven or eight teams would make an offer. While Tatis' contract seems untradeable with 10 years left after this season at a 30.6 million AAV, O'Dowd disagrees.

Former GM proposes wild Phillies-Padres trade involving Nick Castellanos

He proposed the following question to MLB Network host Brian Kenny: "Right now, if the Padres called the Phillies and said, 'We'll trade Fernando Tatis to you for Nick Castellanos and a young pitching prospect,' would you make that?"

Would the Phillies take on the rest of Tatis' massive contract to swap out right fielder's while also parting with a pitching prospect? It seems unlikely. San Diego would probably want an arm like Mick Abel, the Phillies No. 2 overall prospect. That seems even more unlikely.

Castellanos is still owed $20 million a season through 2026. While O'Dowd said the Padres would have to take some money back, the Phillies would be on the hook for the back-loaded contract that jumps up to $36 million from 2029 through 2034.

Phillies-Padres trade proposal

Would the Phillies trade Nick Castellanos?

Right now, at least, it seems like trading Castellanos might be an impossible task. It could be hard for the Phillies front office to offload another two and half years of a player who's such an inconsistent hitter and plays subpar outfield defense, especially if that player is already 32.

That being said, sweetening the pot with a top minor-league arm would go a long way for the receiving club. But president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski wants to build a sustainable model to ensure years of success, and being forced to include a top prospect like Mick Abel would seem to go against that idea.

If the right offer came along, the Phillies would take it; Dombrowski has spoken about always looking to improve the team. It all comes down to how motivated the Phillies might be to move Castellanos. As things stand, it doesn't seem like a move that will get done.