Dream Phillies starting lineup for the 2024 season

If there was no limit for the Phillies' 2024 payroll, what would be their dream starting lineup next season?
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Batting sixth in the dream 2024 Phillies lineup, Jorge Soler in RF

Making one more significant free agent signing this offseason in Jorge Soler, the Phillies have essentially reworked their outfield, along with putting some added boost of power into their starting lineup with Soler hitting sixth.

If you recall, Soler was instrumental for the Miami Marlins this past season in helping them reach the playoffs for the first time in three years. In 2023, Soler hit .250 with an .853 OPS, 77 runs scored, 36 home runs, and 75 RBI. More impressive was the fact that he did this with lesser lights hitting behind him in a lineup that provided him little or almost no protection. Given this, the sixth spot in the batting order with the Phillies would be ideal. Soler should still be able to produce regardless of how the Phillies’ younger hitters perform behind him.

In terms of Soler’s defense in right field, it could leave a bit to be desired. But then again, Nick Castellanos hasn’t really fared much better with a career -62 DRS in 761 games in right field. Compared to Soler’s -18 DRS in the same position in 385 games played, there appears to be a slight upgrade with Soler at the position.

Batting seventh in the dream 2024 Phillies lineup, Alec Bohm at 3B

After a breakout season in 2023 that saw Alec Bohm post career highs in doubles, home runs, and RBI, it seems cruel to put him in the bottom third of the batting order for the Phillies in 2024. But with the huge influx of star talent coming into the organization, the Phillies will now have the luxury of having a potential 100-RBI man hitting in the seventh spot in the lineup.

At the same time, because Bohm grounded into an NL-leading 23 double plays this past season, it would also prevent him from potentially killing rallies with the top six in flight.

With Bohm hitting down in the order there's a higher chance the Phillies can sustain multiple-run rallies more often in 2024. And with the opposition feeling like they're trying to run a gauntlet through the first six batters in the Phillies’ batting order, there might be an advantageous pitcher letdown for Bohm in the seven hole.

Nevertheless, Bohm becomes the everyday third baseman for the ballclub in 2024 and rightfully deserves it.