Dream Phillies starting lineup for the 2024 season

If there was no limit for the Phillies' 2024 payroll, what would be their dream starting lineup next season?

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Batting fourth in the dream 2024 Phillies lineup, Cody Bellinger in CF

In addition to getting Ohtani, the Phillies will feel like they have won the lottery by also signing the next best free agent in the market in former MVP Cody Bellinger. In 2023, Bellinger had a huge bounce-back season that saw him rediscover some of his dominant form after struggling the previous three years. He posted a career-best .307 batting average, along with 95 runs scored, 26 home runs, 97 RBI, and 20 stolen bases with the Chicago Cubs.

If his reversion to his All-Star form is indeed real, he definitely deserves to hit in the cleanup spot behind Harper, giving him ample opportunities to do what he does best, which is driving in runs. After all, in 2023, Bellinger hit a stellar .323 with an .898 OPS, along with six home runs, 71 RBI, and 12 sacrifice flies with runners in scoring position.

With two outs in such situations, he was even better, boasting a .333 batting average, .947 OPS, and 23 RBI. Since Bellinger has the innate ability to come through in the clutch, this is the type of hitter that should be cemented in the fourth spot in the batting order for the Phillies.

Moreover, the former 2019 Gold Glove winner will bring solid defense to complement his overpowering offense to center field, so the Phillies don't have to worry too much about a potential defensive drop-off without Johan Rojas in the position.

Batting fifth in the dream 2024 Phillies lineup, J.T. Realmuto at C

J.T. Realmuto may appear to have had a down season in 2023 in which he hit just .252 with a career-high 138 strikeouts. But his overall numbers in terms of runs scored, doubles, triples, home runs, RBI, and stolen bases were still more or less on par with his career averages. What probably stood out more was when he failed to produce in the clutch, as he hit only .205 with 38 runs driven in with RISP.

However, now with a group of star-studded hitters surrounding him in a revamped Phillies’ lineup, there should be less pressure on him to deliver, which could in turn re-ignite his offensive potential. The scariest part for opposing teams is the fact that with Realmuto in the fifth spot, the Phillies will have five players who all have the ability to punish the opposition with both their speed and power in the top half of their lineup with this dream setup.

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