Counting down the Phillies' 5 longest home runs of the 2023 season

Here are the longest homers by Phillies hitters in 2023. Can you remember which home run topped the list this year?
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
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No. 2: Kyle Schwarber, 465 feet

We welcome Kyle Schwarber back to the list with the second-longest Phillies home run of 2023. This one comes on the road on Sept. 6 in San Diego against the Padres. Leading off the game against Padres starter Michael Wacha, Schwarber got hold of one and took a 465-foot blast to straightaway center field.

Wacha threw four fastballs in a row and was obviously trying to stay away from the slugger, but the last one got too much of the plate. Schwarber launched the mammoth jack at 112 mph off the bat at a 26-degree launch angle, making the pitcher-friendly Petco Park look small — Petco was the sixth-hardest MLB park in which to hit a home run in 2023.

It was Schwarber's 41st of the season and 10th lead-off home run and paced the Phillies to a 5-1 win.

No. 1: Kyle Schwarber, 483 feet

And finally, in a surprise to absolutely no one, Kyle Schwarber tops the list of the longest Phillies home runs in 2023, with a gargantuan blast against the Atlanta Braves on Sept. 18.

Facing Braves reliever Michael Tonkin in the top of the sixth inning, Schwarber unloaded a mammoth 483-foot home run that made Truist Park look like a little league diamond. Tonkin served up two 93.4 mph sinkers, in almost the same spot. Schwarber fouled the first off but definitely didn't miss the second one.

He crushed the ball at 113.9 mph off the bat at a 32-degree launch angle. The 2-run moon shot was the Phillies fifth homer of the game and made it 7-1, which would be the final score in a win over the division rivals. Schwarber's 45th round-tripper of the season ended up as the third-longest homer run of the year across the majors.

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