Atta boy Arcia! Phillies fan brilliantly trolls Braves' shortstop ahead of Game 3

In support of Bryce Harper, one Phillies fan brought statistical proof in his perfect troll job of Braves Orlando Arcia.
Orlando Arcia, Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
Orlando Arcia, Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Game 3 of the NLDS hasn't even started yet in Philadelphia and already the City of Brotherly Love is welcoming Atlanta's Orlando Arcia with ... open arms.

When reports came out that following the shocking ending of Game 2, the Braves shortstop could be heard mocking Bryce Harper for his ninth-inning base running miscalculation, Phillies fans rushed to Harper's defense.

Including one fan who was spotted at Citizens Bank Park before the two teams square off in a crucial Game 3.

Alex Coffey of The Philadelphia Inquirer posted a photo on X of the trolling fan with his bright neon sign that reads "ATTA BOY ARCIA" followed by the light-hitting infielder's stat line in the NLDS. And, unsurprisingly, it's not a pretty sight.

Coffey also includes a quote from the Philly hero, who knows that the visiting Braves have noticed his unmissable sign.

"I know the Braves see it. They're side-eyeing it," the fan said. "I'll make sure they keep seeing it."

Arcia hasn't done much this series, sporting a .143 batting average in seven at-bats, with no counting stats to his name and two strikeouts to his name, and the fan obviously wants to make sure he remembers that when he takes the field tonight.

After admitting that he made an error by rounding second base on the final play in Game 2, Harper will want to make up for the blunder in front of the Philly fans. There's no doubt that "playoff Harper" will show up in these two games at home, especially with the Phillies having a chance to secure their berth in the NLCS.

Orlando Arcia, on the other hand, doesn't pose much of a threat to the Phillies' pitching staff.