Assembling the Phillies' trade deadline wish list

With the trade deadline fast approaching, let's take a look at what should be on the Phillies' wish list.
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3.  First Base Power Bat

When Rhys Hoskins went down with a torn ACL everyone knew there would be a big hole at first base. Not only has Hoskins held that position down and help guide the team to the World Series, but he was a power hitting right handed bat which this team has been missing. The rumors are that Bryce Harper is close to playing first base and that would alleviate some lineup trouble and get Schwarber into DH but trusting Harper to play a serviceable first base is a lot to ask of the Phillies leader. A power hitting first baseman who is a plus defender could push this team even higher and even more dangerous in September/October. 

High End Target:

Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals 

We’ve all heard the rumors and read the “best fit” projections. There’s no doubt that adding the reigning 2022 MVP to this lineup would be a major plus. Having a “down” year, Goldschmidt is slashing .284/.370/.851 with 15 homeruns. His defense at first is considered “plus” and he hits from the right side. The lineup would look downright scary with him in the 3-4 spot. The downside here is Goldschmidt will undoubtably cost a fortune in prospects. 


C.J. Cron, Colorado Rockies

When Hoskins went down, Cron’s name was one of the first to surface. He is a power hitting right handed first basement. He doesn’t offer much in terms of defense but in comparison to Harper who has never played at first, he would be a plus. He is currently hitting just .249 with an OPS of .734 with 7 homers but as the summer months come along that homerun total should increase. The reality is, Cron is likely not much of an upgrade to this lineup the way Bohm has handled first base duties. 

The Phillies will almost certainly look to upgrade the roster in some capacity. It’ll be up to Dave Dombrowski and Co. to determine how significant the upgrade is weighed against the prospects that it will take to acquire them. The rumors will be flying around with the trade deadline less than a month away.