8 players you've already forgotten played for the Phillies in 2023

The Phillies' 2023 season was filled with memorable players and performances, but here are eight players who weren't part of those memories.
Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies
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Drew Ellis

Drew Ellis was a feel-good story for all of about five minutes for the 2023 Phillies.

In his first week with the club, Ellis socked two dingers in an 11-3 win at Washington on June 4, and we got speculative whispers about him being in some sort of corner infield platoon. Of course, Ellis’ presence was largely due to an injury to Alec Bohm, who immediately asserted his dominance upon returning to health.

Ultimately, Ellis would accumulate 22 plate appearances over the first ten days of June, then resurface right after the All-Star break for a four-game series versus the Padres. He took seven trips to the plate in that series, then was sent down and didn’t return.

There is a chance that Ellis hangs on as organizational depth for the Phillies, which would open the door for a cameo appearance in the bigs once again in 2024 if he performs well, but it’s far from certain. Credit to the guy for hitting two home runs in a major league game, which is more than you or I will ever do, but he’s one of those "dime a dozen" players that nobody will have any real reason to remember as our collective memories all fade.