8 players you've already forgotten played for the Phillies in 2023

The Phillies' 2023 season was filled with memorable players and performances, but here are eight players who weren't part of those memories.
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Kody Clemens

Did you recall that Kody Clemens started 35 of the Phillies' first 81 games at first base this season? Obviously, a large chunk of that came while Bryce Harper was out of the lineup and the Phillies were trying to get left-handed bats into the lineup against right-handed starters.

When the second half of the season officially kicked off with Game #82 on July 1, Clemens received a pinch-hit appearance in a 19-4 win, then was banished to Lehigh Valley for the remainder of the season. He did mash a bit down in Triple-A and looked like a viable candidate for usage later in the season, but it never materialized.

It remains to be seen what kind of future Clemens has with the Phillies, or even in the majors in general, but he hasn't done much to help his cause over 103 games in the bigs split between the 2022 Tigers and 2023 Phillies. One might argue that he's only gotten this far based on legacy, as his dad is kind of famous. And baseball, just like other sports, loves those bloodlines. It makes you wonder, though, if "K"ody is ever self-conscious about the fact that his first name is spelled in such a way as a tribute to strikeouts. Not exactly ideal for a hitter.

But kudos to Kody for holding down the fort at first base for a little while, at least, and for the four times he pitched this year that I'm sure you all definitely remember as well. He actually performed decently there, too, allowing just one run over 2 2/3 innings of mop-up duty in four separate blowout losses. He struck out one batter during that time, Michael Busch of the Dodgers. Also along the way in 2023, he surpassed his dad in career hits, so he's got that going for him.