8 players you've already forgotten played for the Phillies in 2023

The Phillies' 2023 season was filled with memorable players and performances, but here are eight players who weren't part of those memories.
Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies
Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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What a wild ride the 2023 Philadelphia Phillies season was. It was a slow build into excitement and elation that saw the bottom fall out so suddenly that many folks are still in recovery mode, and there will be permanent scars to go around for the entire fanbase.

But even though it ended on the bitterest of notes, we got to witness some incredible moments and storylines. From Bryce Harper's unprecedented return from injury to Zack Wheeler's dominance in the clutch, to a team-wide barrage of postseason home runs, this season won't soon be forgotten. Yes, people will most likely focus solely on the disastrous way that things ended, but there were truly some notable highlights that got us up to that point.

There is, however, an element to every baseball season that goes under the radar and gets lost to history almost immediately. During a 162-game, six-month grind, teams need contributions from a whole host of characters just to keep things moving, and the 2023 Phillies were no exception.

While years past have featured forgettable cameos from the likes of José Bautista, Mike Sweeney, and Jay Bruce, we tend to remember those cases because the players themselves were at least noteworthy. But the following eight players who each took the field for the Phillies in 2023 don't fit that bill. This forgettable bunch gets one last look before being tossed into the dustbin of Phillies history. Short of helping you in a pinch on your Immaculate Grid, you won't be sparing them a thought going forward.