8 current Phillies who are the best to wear their uniform number in franchise history

Players can make a number iconic through their accomplishments with a franchise. Here are eight current Phillies players who hold the title of the best to wear their number in team history.

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No. 45: Zack Wheeler

Again, there is sentimentality in taking Tug McGraw's number and giving it to someone else, but Zack Wheeler is quite the worthy new keeper. Wheeler was robbed of a Cy Young win in 2021, but he has delivered outstanding results across the board over his four seasons as a Phil, earning the shiny new contract this past offseason. Even before he enters the final year of his initial deal with the team, however, his tenure has been successful enough to give him ownership of No. 45.

Wheeler has led the NL in strikeouts, been an All-Star and even won a Gold Glove with the Phillies. He's also authored a 2.42 ERA in 63 1/3 postseason innings, stepping up even more in the biggest of moments. Phillies fans everywhere will have a soft spot in their hearts for Tug, and he had a fantastic career with the team aside from just throwing the clinching pitch in the 1980 World Series. But Wheeler's dominance has pushed him to the top spot here, and he figures to keep going.

No. 55: Ranger Suárez

This number was insignificant in Phillies history until Ranger started putting his mark on it way back in 2018. He has been largely effective since taking his skills to the rotation full-time, and he should be entering his best years right about now. Truth be told, he's probably already put this unpopular number out of reach for a long time. Let's hope it continues.

No. 68: Jeff Hoffman

You knew it would get weird up in the high, uncommon numbers. Hoffman's case is particularly peculiar. Prior to Hoffman's arrival to the Phillies, Damon Jones had been the only player to wear this number. Hoffman takes it over thanks to a very good 2023 season, but now he's switched to No. 23, which he can also snatch fairly easily. He would, in my estimation, become the first Phillies player to double dip on this list. Stay tuned.

No. 75: Connor Brogdon

We'll round this out with yet another seemingly random name in Brogdon. But it makes sense, as he was only preceded in wearing this number by Jim Crowell and Miguel González. So it didn't take a whole heck of a lot. Incidentally, no Phillies player has ever worn the following uniform numbers: 72, 76, 78, 80 through 92, 95, 97, and 98. So, the first time you see a guy get into a game wearing these digits, put him on the board.