6 free agents The Athletic thinks are a good fit for the Philadelphia Phillies

With free agent season right around the corner, The Athletic weighs in on which top free agents will be a good fit in Philly.
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Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins is the last free agent option who would fit the Phillies. His power and ability to drive in runs from the right side of the plate were missed this season. Even though the Phillies were one of the more explosive lineups in the MLB, Hoskins' absence was felt. 

Hoskins has been a 25-home run guy since being called up to the majors in August 2017. As a matter of fact, Hoskins has had less than twenty five in a season only twice. The first was in his debut year of 2017 when he had 18 home runs, and the second was in 2020 when he hit 10 homers. The first baseman is a legitimate glue guy when it comes to the way the Phillies lineup is currently constructed. 

Hoskins' character as a clubhouse guy is another reason he fits with the team. He was one of the leaders in the Phillies vanquishing the beast that was the franchise’s playoff drought since 2011. Hoskins, a jovial leader, embraced the moments and energy of the postseason with every celebration and big play. The most iconic being his bat spike against the Atlanta Braves in Game 3 of the 2022 NLDS. 

The MLB hot stove is installed and ready to be turned on, presenting all the latest rumors and deals. The Philadelphia Phillies, per The Athletic, will be ready to spend this winter as the free agents they are rumored to be interested in will be commanding contracts worth upwards of $100 million. It will definitely be intriguing to follow what Dave Dombrowski and the Phillies decide to do this offseason.

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