5 things fans are expecting from the Phillies in 2024

After getting close to winning a World Series in 2022 and going deep into the postseason again last year, fans are expecting a lot from the 2024 Phillies.
Championship Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies - Game One
Championship Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies - Game One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Fans expect the Phillies to contend for the division in 2024

Sure the Phillies have made the playoffs via the Wild Card each of the last two seasons. Yes, they defeated the Braves in 2022 and 2023 and advanced to the NLCS. But what if the team didn't have to scratch and claw their way into the playoff picture all season?

In 2024, the Phillies need to finally finish in first place in the NL East.

The Phillies began their current run in 2022, and it can be argued that the team that made it all the way to the World Series that year was a season ahead of where most people thought their competitive window was. The same can't be said for the Phillies in 2023. They had already been close to a championship the season before, and with a payroll of $246 million dollars and the signing of Trea Turner to an 11-year, $300 million contract, expectations were understandably higher.

While the Atlanta Braves are still considered by many to be the best team in the division, the 2024 Phillies will have the advantage of entering the season with a healthy roster for the first time in two seasons, barring any injuries in Spring Training. Winning the division should be the number one goal for this team in 2024.