5 Phillies trade targets from teams quickly falling out of contention

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants
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5) Phillies trade target: Jordan Montgomery

The St. Louis Cardinals haven’t heard the bell, however, a less than satisfactory start to the season does have them looking like potential trade deadline sellers instead of buyers. One of their more intriguing pieces is Jordan Montgomery. They acquired him last year from the New York Yankees at the deadline in a one-for-one swap for Harrison Bader.

Montgomery was excellent for them down the stretch while completing his best season in the majors. Headed toward free agency this offseason barring an extension with the Cardinals first, he’s a guy the Phillies should desperately like to add to their rotation.

Prying Montgomery away from the Cardinals will take more messiness out of St. Louis this year. They’re the ball club everyone should be preparing to reap if they’re unable to pull things together. Even a player like Tyler O’Neill packaged with Montgomery could help give the Phillies a better chance leading up to the postseason and in the playoffs.

In terms of cost, we shouldn’t expect the Cardinals to do the Phillies any favors. Any sort of a sale they do endure this summer will be minor. They’ll want to be right back in the playoff picture again next season.

At least one starter and a bullpen piece is what the Phillies need to start considering already. The further out of contention these teams fall, the better their chances of being able to make a phone call in a couple of months.

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