5 Phillies trade targets from teams quickly falling out of contention

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants
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4) Phillies trade target: Eduardo Rodriguez from the Tigers

Who would’ve thought the Detroit Tigers would have something interesting to offer? They’ve been in perpetual seller mode. This year, starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has stepped up and actually looks really good.

Rodriguez’s availability is definitely a question. The Tigers signed him prior to the 2022 season and he has three more years of control left. Dumping him now pushes their attempt to compete again further down the line. Do they try to capitalize on his early success and trade him or hope he continues to succeed and add around him?

The trickiest part with Rodriguez is that his contract includes a player option for next season. Dealing for him this summer could turn him into a rental if he chooses to opt out of the contract. The Phillies would be enticed into possibly working out a new deal with him to ensure he stays. Otherwise they could get caught overpaying for a guy who bounces after two months.

Rodriguez would be a huge “buy” for the Phillies and set them up well for the future if Aaron Nola does end up leaving in free agency. They should look at some longer-term assets to protect themselves. Rodriguez could be one of those players. First, they’ll need to convince the Tigers it’s time to give up on him already.