5 early Phillies spring training overreactions after the first two weeks of play

Spring training is well underway, and with so much happening on the field, now's the best time to completely overreact.
Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Aaron Nola has been inconsistent in spring training so far
Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Aaron Nola has been inconsistent in spring training so far / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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Spring training is off and running for the Philadelphia Phillies; everyone couldn’t be more excited. When the season ended in October, anticipation grew day by day for Phillies fans until we finally saw the team take the field in late February. Expectations are high for this team, and spring training is the first time we can dive into the team and maybe even alter those expectations.

Rightfully so, when the players come into camp and start playing, fans begin to get ideas. Ideas that raise or lower the bar for the player. These reactions may even, dare we say, be an overreaction.

Let’s take a look at five overreactions from the first couple weeks of the 2024 Phillies spring training action.

5 Phillies spring training overreactions after two weeks of action

Bryce Harper will win the Gold Glove Award at first base

Bryce Harper has leaned all the way in on being the Phillies' first baseman of the future. As great players do, he has continued to work as hard as possible to get better at his craft and to make all the plays that a seasoned first baseman would make.

But the 31-year-old superstar isn’t just any old player. Harper is one of the best baseball players and athletes in the game. Last season, in his very first game at first base, he made an incredible leaping grab in foul territory, falling over the rail. As the season progressed, he got more confident and comfortable.

So far in spring training, he has made all the plays you’d expect from a veteran first baseman but also has made standout plays that make your jaw drop.

Harper isn't one to get complacent. He will continue working day in and day out until he is great. That ambition will carry him to a Gold Glove Award this season.