5 Phillies reunions we’d like to see at this year’s trade deadline

Which former players would the Phillies be interested in reuniting with at this year's trade deadline to help them get to the postseason again this year?
Andrew McCutchen
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As the MLB trade deadline is quickly approaching in less than three weeks away, the Philadelphia Phillies will be looking to bolster their roster as they prepare for tight battle in the National League to get into the playoffs. From the way things are shaping up, the Phillies will most likely be in a five-team battle for the three Wild Card playoff spots down the stretch, so every game from now on will be crucial with respect to their positioning in the standings. As a result, any valuable piece the Phillies can obtain at the trade deadline could be the difference between getting into the playoffs and falling just short in the end.

In that regard, what better way to upgrade the team than to bring back some former Phillies that have fought in the trenches for the ballclub in years past. If they didn’t have as great of an impact back then, they can sure make up for it this time around. Or perhaps even better yet, the Phillies may have realized they had let someone go too soon and now that they have proven to be invaluable elsewhere, it is the right time to recruit them back to town to give them that second chance of success with the team. That would certainly be just what the doctor ordered.

In the following review, we will be taking a closer look at five former Phillies’ players that they should really consider trading for at the deadline to help this team once again this year. Among them includes former pitchers and positional players that were unexpectedly traded away or had their contracts non-tendered thus resulting in their departure to free agency.