5 free agent starters not named Shohei Ohtani the Phillies should pursue this winter

Adding any of these starting pitchers should help fortify an already solid rotation
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3) The Phillies should pursue Eduardo Rodriguez in free agency this winter

Another pitcher I wanted the Phillies to consider acquiring was Eduardo Rodriguez. Philadelphia did in fact reach out to Detroit to at least express their interest, so we know they like him somewhat. The Tigers starter was about to be traded at the deadline to the Dodgers before he invoked his no-trade clause, nixing the deal. It was later revealed that Rodriguez decided to veto the deal because he wanted to remain east to be close to his family. It just so happens the Phillies are a team that plays on the east coast.

It's important to point out that Rodriguez has an opt-out he can excercise after the year, and that's how the Phillies would be able to acquire him via free agency. With only three years and $49 million left on the deal, it's very likely Rodriguez will be opting out based on the year he's had.

The 30-year-old has a 2.96 ERA in 16 starts and 94.1 innings pitched. He doesn't walk many (5.8 BB%) and doesn't allow many home runs (2.1 HR%). He'd be a really nice fit in the middle of this rotation.

Rodriguez is enjoying a career year, and it's always risky paying pitchers off of their one breakout year, but he does have a history of being a solid third or fourth starter which as we've seen with Taijuan Walker, can be valuable.