4 prospects the Phillies should be happy they held on to at the trade deadline

Which top prospects did the Phillies preserve who could ultimately lead them to success down the road?

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When the Philadelphia Phillies made the deal in acquiring starter Michael Lorenzen from the Detroit Tigers, they had to give up their fifth-ranked top prospect in the organization according to MLB Pipeline in Hao-Yu Lee. Lorenzen obviously was a decent, under-the-radar acquisition for the Phillies, but having to give up a highly-ranked prospect in the process certainly made the fanbase worried that if they were land any bigger fish at the trade deadline, there was a good chance that an even higher top prospect or two will be on the move.

Among the Phillies’ top prospects in the organization include ‘can’t miss’ number one pitching prospect Andrew Painter, following by second-ranked Mick Abel, along with “five-tool” potential superstar in Justin Crawford, as well as flamethrowing power arm Griff McGarry. All four promising prospects have the potential to be fast-tracked and be making their MLB debut soon within the next couple of years, as well as potentially forming a strong young core to complement the veteran group that the Phillies currently have. Together, they could lay down a successful foundation for the ballclub in the coming years.

Had the Phillies given up on one or more of these four prospects, they would definitely have a better shot at glory for this season, but it would most likely have a significant effect on their chances of success down the road if they intend on planning to build a dynasty. Also, with Aaron Nola’s pending free agency at the conclusion of the 2023 season, and the same for Zack Wheeler after the 2024 season, the Phillies will definitely need some sound replacements for their one-two punch in the rotation, so having Painter, Abel and McGarry still available to fill those potential voids is definitely a great luxury to have. In addition, the high-ceiling potential of speedster Crawford with his athletic ability to cover lots of ground in the outfield would play well for the Phillies in the near future, given their current sub-par outfield defence on the major league roster.

In the end, the Phillies may not have gotten their power bat in the outfield that they desperately needed, along with any solid help for their battered bullpen, but the consolation prize is that at least they will remain competitive for the near future, and not just be a one-and-done team without a guaranteed championship in the process.