4 players Phillies fans are losing patience with

Which Phillies players need to step up their game soon before frustration boils over?
Philadelphia Phillies backup catcher Garrett Stubbs
Philadelphia Phillies backup catcher Garrett Stubbs / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Garrett Stubbs

Garrett Stubbs, supposedly a fan favorite, has unexpectedly been a recent target for fans who have apparently lost their patience with him. What primarily added fuel to the fire was comments made during a recent television broadcast that had a thing or two to say about Stubbs' struggles.

Usually the highly-trusted backup to J.T. Realmuto, Stubbs was never expected to be an offensive juggernaut to lead the team to glory. However, this season, it's hard not to see that his funk at the plate has reached another level.

After hitting a solid .264 in 2022, then falling to .204 last year, he has been toiling with a dreadful .103 batting average in 2024, registering only four hits in 43 plate appearances. In terms of offensive output, he has managed to only score two runs and drive in one over 14 games.

As a result, fans across social media have jumped all over Stubbs. Not only that, it has even gotten to the point that some believe his receiving and calling behind the plate was also affecting the success of the pitching staff. But just take a look at his performance here, as it clearly shows there's no correlation between Stubbs' catching and poor pitching performances.

Phillies pitchers certainly don’t think there's a problem, led by Aaron Nola's support after his complete game shutout and Zack Wheeler taking the blame for his dismal four-inning performance against the Marlins.

You have to remember what the expectations and duties are for a backup catcher. As long as they provide solid defense and adequate pitch calling despite sporadic playing time, that should be deemed sufficient enough. If Stubbs manages to provide some surprising offensive output, that's just an added bonus.

As rough of a start as Stubbs has had at the plate, he should be given some slack. After all, he only plays once in a blue moon, with Realmuto starting almost every day. On top of that, there’s lots of season left for him to turn things around. Hopefully, he gets back on track soon before the entire Phillies faithful lose their patience.