4 Phillies players who don’t deserve to be on the 40-man roster

Which Phillies players need to show their worth to keep their spot on the roster?
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For the 2024 MLB season, the Philadelphia Phillies enter the year with a stacked roster ready to compete again for a World Series championship. Not only do they have some strong star power from top to bottom in their major league lineup, but even the depth on the 40-man roster following the end of last season isn't too shabby, either.

However, during the current offseason, the Phillies have shuffled their 40-man roster quite a bit, especially after the recent additions over the past few weeks. Those additions to the roster include gambles on once-promising players such as pitcher and former first-round pick Kolby Allard, reliever Michael Rucker from the Chicago Cubs, infielder Diego Castillo off waivers from the New York Yankees, and the most recent, pitcher Max Castillo off waivers from the Boston Red Sox. In one of their early offseason moves in November, they also added reliever Michael Mercado from the Tampa Bay Rays.

The players recently taken off the 40-man roster include reliever Andrew Bellatti and outfielder Símon Muzziotti.

The track records of each of these players show that they have gone through some struggles over the years. Nevertheless, the Phillies believe they were worth a shot, as some were former first- or second-round picks, while others have shown glimpses of their potential despite limited overall success.

But if we take a closer look, perhaps not every player currently on the Phillies 40-man roster deserves a spot. We'll examine four players who have failed to show their worth and whose spots on the 40-man roster could be better used elsewhere.

Hopefully, each of these Phillies players can start proving their worth and help make more significant contributions to the ballclub to justify their inclusion on the 40-man roster.