4 Phillies players most deserving of a September call-up

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Simon Muzziotti

Prior to the trade deadline, The Athletic picked Simon Muzziotti (subscription required) as the player most likely to be moved by the Phillies. Ranked 10th at the time in the farm system -- he's now ninth -- he provided a balance between not being one of the top prospects but also offering enough potential to intrigue other ballclubs.

Ultimately Muzziotti stayed put and has continued to play well in Triple-A Lehigh Valley. In fact, well enough to deserve another opportunity with the Phillies

The left-handed bat made his Major League debut last season, but his opportunities were too limited to get a real idea of what he was capable of. He wasn't helped by suffering a partially torn right patellar tendon, which caused him to miss a majority of the 2022 campaign.

This year, Muzziotti is having his best offensive season yet in Triple-A, even though a lack of power is highlighted by just four home runs. He's made consistent contact with the bat regardless, with 47 RBI, a .319/,379/.427 slash line and a .806 OPS.

The 24-year-old's speed has often been described as arguably his biggest strength. He's had plenty of opportunities to show this thanks to his strong batting average, highlighted by a team-leading 24 stolen bases once he gets on 'board'.

Understandably, this speed is also a great asset on defense, wherever Muzziotti lines up in the outfield. It also provides an advantageous compliment to his arm strength, which is decent rather than excellent.

There is the challenge of trying to fit into a crowded outfield, which partly provided the rationale for considering trading the Venezuela native. However, the combination of his play and two extra roster spots as of September 1, means he deserves the chance to at least be called up by the Phillies.