4 Phillies outfield trade candidates from clubs already falling out of contention

The Phillies are shopping for outfielders. Here are four possibilities.
Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena
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Luis Robert Jr., CHW

The Chicago White Sox's Luis Robert Jr. has three years of club control remaining on his deal following this season.

According to Passan, Robert Jr. could be on the move this summer. While Dave Dombrowski developed the reputation of making big deadline deals with the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox, he should exercise a degree of caution in potentially weakening an average to below-average Phillies farm system even further.

Robert Jr. has struggled to remain healthy in three of his four seasons for the White Sox. He played in only 68 games in 2021 followed by 98 the following year. He has already missed two months this year with a right hip flexor strain he sustained in early April.

Robert Jr. has another year of club control followed by two consecutive club options in 2026 and 2027. Chicago will be looking to acquire a lot for the 26-year-old and the Phillies appear to covet pitcher Andrew Painter, shortstop Aidan Miller and outfielder Justin Crawford the most in their minor league system.

It doesn't look like it would be worth the Phillies parting with other top prospects, such as pitcher Mick Abel or shortstop Starlyn Caba, in a deal for Robert Jr. Even trading away pitchers like Samuel Aldegheri or George Klassen, who are both doing extremely well, would not be worth it. Robert Jr.'s injury history is too much of a red flag.