4 difficult roster decisions the Phillies must address ASAP

The Phillies are having their hands forced by their roster with the trade deadline approaching.
Jun 23, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber (12)
Jun 23, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber (12) / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Bullpen reinforcements should be a priority for the Phillies at the deadline

The Philadelphia bullpen has been very good in 2023, but having some depth they can rely on in the second half needs to be on their radar. The Phillies have done well to limit Jose Alvarado's usage so far which is great, but Craig Kimbrel is not a young man and he has already made 35 appearances this season. Gregory Soto and Seranthony Dominguez are at 32+ appearances in as well. The Phillies are going to need to be able to rest these guys some in the second half without risking blowing winnable games.

This is a problem that basically every contending team has and fortunately, relievers are the most plentiful resource at the trade deadline. Aroldis Chapman is already off the market as the Rangers traded for Chapman on Friday. However, there are still a ton of options available between a slew of rental guys as well as guys that would come with extra team control (and the subsequent cost premium). Scott Barlow from the Royals, Daniel Bard from the Rockies, and Keynan Middleton from the White Sox are all guys the Phillies should have on their radar.

The Phillies need to figure out what their plan is for Alec Bohm

With the impending infield shuffle that is coming if/when Bryce Harper moves to first base, the natural question becomes what does the future hold for Alec Bohm. The problem with Bohm is that he is just a very meh sort of player which makes decision-making arguably more difficult. For three straight seasons, he has been a below average to slightly below average hitter and a below average defender at third base. Not a terrible player by any means, but certainly not a good one.

However, the Phillies don't seem to have a plan at third base beyond using Bohm regularly over there. If the Blue Jays decide to make Matt Chapman available as a pending free agent, the Phillies should be all over him at the deadline. A longer term solution could be Ryan McMahon as he has some team control and he has the added bonus of having a lot of defensive versatility, but that plan requires the Rockies to be reasonable which they don't have the best track record of being.

In any case, when you look at Bohm, you don't see a guy that provides much positive value. He is still young and could figure things out, but the Phillies have to start making hard choices and can't afford to wait around and hope that he turns into the guy they hoped he would be.

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