3 players the Phillies wish they signed last offseason, 1 they are glad they didn't

The Phillies had a decent offseason but there're some moves we wish Dave Dombrowski made
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3) The Phillies wish they signed Wade Miley last offseason

Eflin would've been an ideal target, but he also signed a fairly lucrative multi-year deal. Let's say the Phillies didn't want to sign a pitcher for more than a year assuming Andrew Painter or perhaps Mick Abel would be ready to take a spot in the rotation in 2024. Wade Miley was available for one year.

Miley signed a one-year deal worth $4.5 million to join the Brewers. It includes a mutual option for the 2024 season worth $10 million. Despite some durability issues in recent years, this felt like a steal at the time for a fairly reliable southpaw. It's turned out to be one of the better value deals of the offseason for Milwaukee.

Miley did miss some time this season, but in his 13 starts, he has a 3.06 ERA in 67.2 innings of work. He's allowed three runs or fewer in 11 of the 13, and the Brewers have gone 9-4 in his starts. The Phillies chose to go with Bailey Falter for their fifth starter spot and the team went 1-7 in his appearances and 1-6 in his starts.

Miley being signed would've put less pressure on the Phillies to call Andrew Painter up had he been healthy and not ready, and it would've put Bailey Falter into either a minor league starter or a major league long reliever.

Even if Miley's ERA was a full run higher he would've been a really solid fit for this Phillies team, especially on a contract that is that team friendly.