3 pitchers who could be traded if the Phillies fall out of playoff contention

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks
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At 38-34, the Philadelphia Phillies are not necessarily sitting pretty in the NL East, but all hope is not lost - yet.

Entering the day, the club is riding a six-game winning streak and is 8-2 in their last 10 games. At 8.0 GB of the first-place Braves, a division title may not be a feasible option, but an NL Wild Card spot could be.

However, this is baseball, and we all know how things can change oh so quickly for our favorite teams. The reality is that the Phillies are one extended cold streak away from perhaps being viewed as trade deadline sellers. With the amount of firepower this team has both in its starting lineup and its pitching staff, such a thought would've been insane at the start of the year, yet here we are.

For a team like this Phillies squad to become sellers, there would be a serious focus on moving players on expiring contracts. After all, so many pieces on this active roster are controlled long-term, so you're not going to see any Bryce Harpers, JT Realmutos, Taijuan Walkers, or Kyle Schwarbers moved.

Instead, there are a handful of players on shorter-term contracts that could conceivably be moved if the Phillies are unable to make up any ground in this extremely tough NL East division.

Let's check out 3 Phillies players who could be traded if the team falls out of contention.