3 Phillies who need to step up after Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber injuries

The short-handed Phillies need these three players to step up to keep them playing well into the All-Star break.
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Nick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos represents one of the few position players with a big contract who is not on the Phillies' injured list. The offensive unpredictable outfielder will earn $20 million in 2024 and the same amount in each of the next two seasons.

The 32-year-old right fielder is durable having played in all 84 Phillies contests. Yet he is the franchise's most unpredictable hitter. Castellanos looks to have regressed based on his performance at the plate during the first half of 2024.

He hit a paltry line of .183/.241/.260 in April before slashing a line of .229/.287/.419 during May. Castellanos has done better in June with a .250/.303/.460 line before the end of the month. In the absences of Harper, Realmuto, and Schwarber, the Hialeah, Florida native is the Phillies' most experienced player and more is expected of him.

However, Castellanos' performance in June may be his ceiling considering how wildly erratic he has been for the Phillies. Philadelphia needs him to get on a hot streak offensively in the second half, particularly with the team missing three offensive stars.

Will Castellanos' July slash line be better than his total for June? Expectations should be in check with the right-handed hitter. He can look like a club's best hitter for one week and look like its worst the next.