3 Phillies trades for an outfielder to pair with a bad contract to lower the price

The Phillies can lower the price of an outfield trade target if they take on one of these bad contracts.
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3) Phillies trade for an outfielder and a bad contract: Randal Grichuk and Antonio Senzatela

Colorado Rockies outfielder Randal Grichuk is an increasingly popular trade piece any team looking for corner outfield help will be considering. The Coors Field numbers might score off a few general managers from paying too much money. If, perhaps, the Rockies are looking to get out from under some guaranteed money they have on the books, pairing him with pitcher Antonio Senzatela is one direction they could go to ultimately determine the winner in this minor sweepstakes.

Grichuk is probably the most ideal fit for the Phillies. He’s a pure rental and even with all of the suitors he’s not going to cost a whole lot. A willingness to take on the full Senzatela contract could lower the price.

Senzatela is already out for the rest of this season and has $36 million guaranteed to him over the next three seasons with a team option for 2027. He has been a typical Rockies pitcher. He owns a 4.87 ERA in parts of seven big league seasons. His 101 ERA+ and 4.41 FIP suggests he’s much more average than anything else.

The length of the Senzatela deal might be a little troublesome, but the Phillies could view him as a reclamation project who just needed to get out of Denver. Maybe turning him into a reliever is even the best course of action to take.

The absolute downside here is you have to really believe in Grichuk and not give up too many prospects whatsoever to take on the Senzatela deal. Yes, it’s only money. But we know all owners have a limit.

We could always look at the Phillies taking on Kris Bryant’s deal, but let’s not waste two seconds even considering it. Bryce Harper might convince us it’s worth the risk to bring his childhood friend to Philly.