3 Phillies trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
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2) Phillies trade rumor to squelch: Paul Goldschmidt fixing the first base issues

A Paul Goldschmidt trade would be absolutely unbelievable. We know what this offense is capable of when healthy as is. If the Phillies can add the reigning NL MVP to the fold, how insane would that be?

There're two issues with a potential Goldschmidt trade. One, the Cardinals have to actually make him available. Things haven't gone swimmingly in St. Louis as they're 31-44, but they're only nine games back in what's a horrific NL Central. With the talent the Cardinals have, they can realistically think they can make a run if they pick up three or four games before the deadline.

Another reason the Cardinals might not move him is because Goldschmidt has another year on his deal. They can simply retool and try to win next season. The Cardinals are a team that's virtually never out of it.

The second issue I have with a potential Goldschmidt trade is the potential cost for a player who isn't exactly a requirement. Sure, Goldschmidt would be really cool, and first base can be upgraded with no Rhys Hoskins, but do they really need the reigning NL MVP more than other players?

A trade for Goldschmidt likely wouldn't involve Andrew Painter, but I'd have to assume at least one of Mick Abel or Griff McGarry would be headed to St. Louis in the deal. While Philadelphia should be fine dealing one of those guys to improve at the deadline, shouldn't it be for a bigger hole?

This team is starting Christopher Sanchez right now every fifth day. Taijuan Walker finally picking it up lessens the need for the Phillies to acquire multiple starters, but I'd say acquiring another front-line guy would be at the top of the priority list for Dave Dombrowski.

Goldschmidt's uncertain availability combined with the fact that the Phillies have greater needs make this feel like a rumor to squelch.