3 Phillies roster spots the team needs to upgrade, 1 that’s fine as is

The Phillies roster needs upgrades at these three spots and they can ignore this other area.

San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies
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The Phillies roster needs to upgrade the slugger off the bench

The Phillies need at least one upgrade for the bench. If Bryce Harper can be an effective first baseman, it removes any need for Darick Hall. Alec Bohm can serve as the first baseman as he has for much of the year. The Phillies can get by with lots of Edmundo Sosa at third base as well.

It’s more of the Hall or even the Josh Harrison spot where the Phillies need to get better. The arrival of Johan Rojas to the big league roster seems to have secured up one roster spot. He should stick around barring some kind of a major slump to tell us otherwise.

The Phillies don’t necessarily need a Matt Stairs kind of slugger whose lone role is to come up with the occasional pinch hit. A flexible defender with some pop is more in the realm of what they should be looking for. Stay away from any first base exclusive players. A third baseman who can even play some corner outfield might be the best fit for the Phillies.

This roster upgrade won’t be too impossible to find. A starter on another ball club who needs to be moved to a part-time role is one option. Snagging a guy already having some success off a bench is the other.

A bench won’t win or lose a championship. However, not having enough backup plans due to an injury can bite you hard.