3 Phillies roster spots the team needs to upgrade, 1 that’s fine as is

The Phillies roster needs upgrades at these three spots and they can ignore this other area.
San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies
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The Phillies roster needs a right-handed middle reliever upgrade

Yunior Marte or Andrew Bellatti. Why not both? The Phillies need at least one right-handed reliever upgrade before the trade deadline. Make it a high-leverage arm if you can. Take something more middle-of-the-road if it’s all you can snag.

The Philadelphia bullpen has dealt with several injuries this year. The health of Seranthony Dominguez and Jose Alvarado is something to closely monitor as August 1 approaches. Even if they’re feeling their best, a roster upgrade for the bullpen seems like an absolute must for Philadelphia.

It’s at the trade deadline when relief pitchers make themselves extra valuable in a game of immaculate grid. No contender is ever out of the market for a relief pitcher addition. The Phillies are far from the exception.

If there is any good news to hang your Phillies cap on this year compared to last, at least there isn’t much of a concern in the ninth. Craig Kimbrel drank from the Fountain of Youth. The Phillies can pull their assets away from trying to acquire a closer and instead focus on maybe even bringing in more than a single upgrade. Finding at least one optional reliever would be ideal in this case.

Every summer seems to have at least one new reliever on the Phillies roster. Keep your fingers crossed he’s more Scott Eyre than Brandon Workman.