3 Phillies prospects who should not be traded and 2 who should

With the Phillies likely buying at the trade deadline, some of their prospects might be on the move
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Phillies prospect Justin Crawford should not be moved at the trade deadline

Justin Crawford is the top position player prospect in the Phillies system and it's very easy to see why. The 2022 first round pick has been outstanding in his first full season in the Phillies system, and it's easy to sense the impact player he has the chance to become.

While Crawford doesn't have much power, it's easy to tell who his father is. Carl Crawford stole as many as 60 bases in a Major League season and led the American League in stolen bases four times. In Justin Crawford's first full season, he's swiped 33 bags already in just 49 games played. Sure, Single-A obviously isn't the same as the majors, but 33 steals in 49 games is pretty absurd.

Crawford is slashing .339/.388/.451 on the season. He doesn't have a home run, but he's hit 10 doubles and six triples. He's only 19, once he fills out his body a bit more some power could come along, but it doesn't even really have to.

Crawford could project as a leadoff type of hitter who can get on base and cause havoc in front of Bryce Harper for years. His athleticism allows him to cover an absurd amount of ground and play a really solid center field.

Crawford is much more moveable to me than guys like Painter and Abel who fill holes and are closer to the bigs, but I do think the Phillies have something special here.

He could be ready to come up in just a couple of years and plug right into center field. Lee doesn't have quite the game changing speed or bat-to-ball skills that Justin Crawford has.

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