3 Phillies prospects who should not be traded and 2 who should

With the Phillies likely buying at the trade deadline, some of their prospects might be on the move
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Phillies prospect Hao-Yu Lee should be available at the trade deadline

The Phillies are a team trying to win now, which means prospects are available to upgrade the current roster. Guys like Painter or Abel are harder to move because they're closer to the majors. A guy who looks like he might be a really solid player but is still far away is Hao-Yu Lee.

The Phillies signed Lee in June of 2021 at a young age of 18 coming out of Taiwan and he's impressed ever since he joined the fold. He's risen up to fifth on the Phillies prospect list and is their highest-ranking infielder.

This season in A+ Jersey Shore, Lee is slashing .281/.371/.371 with two home runs and 18 RBI. He's tacked on 11 stolen bases in 13 tries.

Lee looks like a guy who won't hit for much power, but should provide tons of contact and speed while playing solid defense in the middle infield. While these players can certainly be valuable, a player like Lee who won't factor into the equation for years without crazy raw potential can be moved.

It's never easy giving up a prospect in a trade, but trading a guy like Lee, a player without those crazy tools that the mega-prospects have to help this team win now feels like something that won't come back to haunt them. Especially when he won't even be ready for a couple of years at best.