3 Phillies prospects who should not be traded and 2 who should

With the Phillies likely buying at the trade deadline, some of their prospects might be on the move
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Phillies prospect Mick Abel should not be moved at the trade deadline

Mick Abel's season has not gone quite as smoothly as fans hoped it would, but the talent is too overwhelming to ignore.

This season, Abel has posted a 4.75 ERA in 13 starts and 60.2 innings pitched. He's struck out 70 which is a really good number, but 35 walks is a number that must be improved upon for him to make it to the next level. His 5.2 BB/9 is substantially worse than his improved 4.0 BB/9 from last season.

Abel throws hard, averaging in the mid-90's with his fastball and he's armed with a devastating slider that should be a great finishing pitch for him when he does make the jump to the majors. While we don't know if or when Painter will get to the majors, if Abel does improve his command I wouldn't be shocked to see him debut down the stretch if the Phillies need an arm.

He doesn't have the superstar potential that Painter has, but Mick Abel projects as a guy who can be an important piece in a big league rotation. He was a first round pick for a reason, and he's only going to get better. Remember, he's only 21 years old.

The Phillies might not need Painter or Abel this season, but with Nola and Wheeler having uncertain futures, they'll be needed in the not-too-distant future. It'd be foolish to move them when you have other prospects to move.