3 Phillies players who’ve made the most of their added responsibilities

These three Phillies have taken advantage of additional duties.
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3) Phillies starting pitcher Cristopher Sanchez has been more than sixth starter depth

Playing the role of Bailey Falter on the 2023 Phillies is Cristopher Sanchez. Although he got beaten up by the Kansas City Royals his last time out, Sanchez has been a revelation for this ball club. Five no-hit innings against the Pittsburgh Pirates in yet another successful outing for him prior to his performance against the Royals doesn’t do Sanchez any justice in terms of how consistently reliable he has been.

Sanchez has now made 10 starts and delivered a 3.44 ERA for the Phillies. The victim of blown saves and poor run support, Sanchez is looking for his first win of the year. He’s just 0-3 despite some very good numbers. The best of which could be his 0.95 WHIP.

Last year’s performance from Sanchez didn’t inspire all that much confidence in him stepping into the rotation this year. After Falter faltered, he was the next guy up. He has managed to keep his spot in the rotation as the team rolls forward with a six-man group after the acquisition of Michael Lorenzen. 

Sanchez should, at the very least, find himself in the club’s bullpen for the remainder of the year. The Phillies pitching staff is capable of going deep into games which saves them from the need of having to carry an inferior bullpen arm. Will the strategy work?

Either way, Sanchez has stepped up to the challenge.