3 Phillies players who have no business being on the 2023 playoff roster

The Phillies are better off without these three players being on their postseason roster.
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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Phillies player who has no business being on the postseason roster: Jake Cave

Jake Cave, like Lorenzen, is a player who likely will make the postseason roster. He's spent a large portion of the season on the team and has been on the roster the entire second half. Still, carving a role for him to play at all is challenging.

The 30-year-old had just a .620 OPS in 184 MLB at-bats this season. To make matters worse, he had just six hits in his final 46 at-bats to wrap up the season from September 1 on. That is, of course, not great.

Cave does provide a left-handed bat off the bench that the Phillies lack, but who exactly is he pinch hitting for? I'd trust Johan Rojas against any righty over Cave at this point. He also provides some defensive flexibility with the ability to play all three outfield positions and first base. I just don't see when he'd be needed in the field.

The team won't do this, and I don't blame them because of how awful he looked in his MLB at-bats this season, but Darick Hall has an .866 OPS for AAA Leigh-High Valley this season and has a .939 OPS since he was sent back down in July. With how hot he's been, I absolutely believe he's a more formidible bench bat than Cave.

Neither player would be used often so it isn't a big deal, but Cave hasn't come close to earning the spot he will likely have on the 2023 Phillies postseason roster.