3 Phillies players who appeared to be cursed in 2023

These Phillies players probably wish things went better for them in 2023.
Rhys Hoskins, Philadelphia Phillies
Rhys Hoskins, Philadelphia Phillies / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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For 2023, many of the Philadelphia Phillies players had great years overall in helping the ballclub to a successful regular season, leading to their truly deserving spot in the MLB postseason. With contributions coming from everywhere, whether it was the offense, defense or pitching, the Phillies got it done.

However, there were a few players who seemed to struggle throughout the season and were never able to find their groove for much of the year. Or, in the case of one unfortunate star, literally ran into a major case of bad luck. As a result, for these players, it sure felt like they were cursed in 2023.

Here, we look at three Phillies players who probably wished 2023 never happened and will be hoping for a nice rebound in the future.

If the Phillies end up winning it all, perhaps no one will remember the bad luck these three players encountered during 2023.

Rhys Hoskins

In the case of Rhys Hoskins, his bad luck came really early in 2023. Set to enter free agency at the end of the season, Hoskins was looking to put up some big numbers. Partly to help the Phillies’ quest to get back into the World Series and deal with some unfinished business and partly to help set up his next big contract.

Unfortunately, Hoskins sustained a torn ACL in his left knee while trying to field a ball in play during a Spring Training game against the Detroit Tigers. His injury would abruptly end his entire 2023 season, as he could only watch from the sidelines as his teammates marched on to the playoffs.

He is currently trying his best to work himself back into form, hoping to be ready perhaps by the World Series if the Phillies do make it. Nevertheless, losing out on over 95% of the season on a routine play certainly hurt Hoskins, both for the present and in his near future. He'll hope to bounce back next season, whether with the Phillies or a new ballclub.