3 Phillies players who have to step up before season spirals

It's early in the 2024 regular season, but these three Phillies players need to step up to help the club start winning consistently.
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Trea Turner

Trea Turner had a difficult first several months with the Phillies last year before he began to improve at the beginning of August. His stat line at the end of April 2023 was .261/.296/.361 before he had a less productive May with a .208/.257/.368 line.

He rebounded a bit during June with a line of .279/.353/.413 before encountering his worst month of the regular season. Turner had a line of .218/.269/.356 during the month of July and the Phillies were being impacted to an extent by his struggles. August was a very good month at the plate for the shortstop as he finished with a .333/.376/.685 slash line. The player fans thought they were getting looked like he had arrived.

Turner had a solid September — a .299/.364/.567 line. In the postseason, he did well with a .347/.400/.633 slash line but had trouble in Games 5 to 7 of the NLCS going 0-for-12.

Defensively, the shortstop did not do as well as expected last year. He committed 23 errors, the most he has committed to date. He committed 16 errors, the second-most of his career, in 2022 with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

His .960 fielding percentage in 2023 was his lowest since the shortened season of 2020. It was his worst as a full-time player at shortstop throughout a 162-game schedule in his major league career. Washington used him at second base and in centerfield before as their shortstop full-time beginning in 2017. The Dodgers also played him at second after they acquired him via trade from the Nationals in 2021.

So far in 2024, Turner has not done all that well with a .214/.290/.250 slash line. His eight strikeouts are tied with three other Phillies for the second-most on the Phillies. He is a player whose performance needs to be more steady both offensively and defensively. If he singles or walks, he can allow the club to have a runner in scoring position with his ability to steal bases.

Turner's performance is one of the most vital to the Phillies' results. Other than Harper, no other hitter/fielder on the roster has more of a positive or negative impact. Philadelphia has to get going collectively, and the shortstop has to perform up to the level he has shown he's capable of throughout his career.