3 perfect Phillies trade targets for the starting rotation, 2 to avoid

Three of the perfect fits on the trade market for the Phillies and two other solutions that are less than ideal.
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Perfect Phillies trade target candidate: Blake Snell

It’s not a requirement for the Phillies to pick up another lefty for the rotation, but it would certainly be nice. Blake Snell is another one of those guys to keep an eye on. Unexpectedly a potential trade chip due to the lack of success from the San Diego Padres, he’s another pending free agent who could be swapping uniforms by August 1.

Snell has been another guy having a terrific year on a disappointingly bad team. He took care of the New York Mets in his final start before the All-Star Break. Now 6-7 with a 2.85 ERA on the season through 18 starts, Snell's trade value continues to go up while the Padres remain in “chase your tail” mode. They have yet to confirm they’ll buy or sell at the trade deadline. For the sake of the Phillies, your new favorite team is whoever faces the Padres for the rest of July.

What makes Snell stand out is just how much he has pitched in the playoffs. There are no nationally televised jitters for him. He made his first playoff appearance in 2019 with the Tampa Bay Rays. He has been back multiple times since and helped defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Phillies in last year’s playoffs. The Phillies did score against him 4 times in 5 innings but it was Snell who took the victory.

Why Blake Snell is a perfect fit: You have to love the playoff experience. Nola and Wheeler got their first ever taste of it in 2022. As much as we feel we may be able to trust Walker at this point, his lone playoff appearance came way back in 2017 when he lasted an inning and allowed 4 earned runs.