3 massive Phillies concerns even more glaring after getting swept by the Mets

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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The Philadelphia Phillies against the New York Mets is always a big series. Whether it’s opening a season or not until the end of May like this week’s first meeting, the two National League East rivals often enjoy beating up on each other.

Unfortunately, this was a one-sided bout.

The Phillies lost all three of their games against the Mets. If panic time hadn’t already arrived, it’s here now. These three massive concerns are more present than ever.

1) The Phillies offense showed the worst of itself against the NY Mets

In game one, the Phillies didn’t even get to second base. In game two, it was an Edmundo Sosa to account for their only run of the game. They had an early lead in game three and went silent after the first inning.

This was the worst of the Phillies offense in this series. Prone to fall asleep as regularly as it can explode against an opponent, they napped through this one.

We could do a roll-call of players to blame, but where would it end? The disappointing offense barely put up a fight. The June version of Kyle Schwarber failed to show up early for this series. While the team was able to piece together a few hits here and there, they never could string together enough to get things rolling.

Outscored 10-3, the Phillies somehow managed to have 9 hits in one loss and 6 in the other compared to who had only 5 and 4 respectively in them.

Clutch hitting has been the Achilles heel of this team. Trea Turner is now hitting .180/.281/.280 with runners in scoring position. Bryce Harper is slashing .100/.321/.200.

The Phillies aren’t as scary to face as they should be. Folding up and taking three straight on the chin against the Mets won’t help strike fear into anyone.